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EfficeEco is a solution for Virtual desktop Infrastructure from Syntegrate, which dramatically improves efficiency of a Desktop Infrastructure in a small and medium enterprise by integrating "state-of-the-art" technologies to help reduce energy consumption and by providing operational efficiency through better systems management and resource utilization as well as reduction in equipment and maintenance costs over time.


  • Very low Power Consulmption, as the consumption per workstation is around 20 watts only
  • Users work as they normally do except their data and applications reside on a server
  • All stations can be managed centrally, virtually eliminating the problem of desktop support
  • Desktops can be provisioned or recovered within minutes
  • Solid state design means longer life cycle, low maintenance, silent operation, and small footprint
  • High level of Security as there is no Local Storage and access can be controlled at granular level
  • The system is Highly-scalable
  • Longer equip,ent lifecycle as upgrades are performed at central level only
  • Desktops get the same level of availability, disaster recovery, security as other Servers in the Data Center


  • EfficeEco - VDI is also available in the form of Desktop-as-a-Service
  • EfficeEco - VDI will help in fulfilling regulatory, security as well as endpoint compliance
  • EfficeEco - VDI solution can be used with Solar Power