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Effice: Efficient Office System

Effice is our solution for Efficient Office Systems that dramatically improves efficiency of an IT system by integrating "state-of-the-art" technologies to help reduce energy consumption and by providing operational efficiency through better systems management and resource utilization as well as reduction in equipment and maintenance costs.


Effice Saurya

Effice Saurya is a highly efficient computer system designed for a small office to run on solar power. Effice Saurya utilizes six times less power than conventional computing environment.

Effice Eco-VDI

EfficeEco-VDI is a solution for Virtual desktop Infrastructure from Syntegrate, which dramatically improves efficiency of a Desktop Infrastructure in a medium and large enterprise with quick deployment in a highly scalable infrastructure.


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Effice is a proven versatile solution and has been successfully deployed both at rural and urban locations with temperatures ranging from below 0 °C to above 40 °C. Effice is a turnkey solution and Syntegrate uses the most robust and efficient components during integration. Effice can be delivered as an on-premise or a cloud based solution. Effice works seamlessly with our other solutions to build an integrated IT Infrastructure.

For the Schools, colleges, Training Institutes and In-office Training Facilities, Effice can be integrated with our Classroom Management System:NetSupport School